Chromebook, iOS, android client

Peter Groman 2 months ago updated by Magnus Alexandersson 2 weeks ago 2

Currently, in my instance, I can only create a client install for Windows, Mac or Linux.  I want to be able to remotely view the screen (and control if possible) Chromebook, iOS and Android devices.  Tablets, phones, etc.

Splashtop and Teamviewer already have this.  Why doesn't ScreenConnect?

Available in Version:

Hi Peter,

To have this ability you require to install Control app on your devices - ChromeBook, Tablets, Phones (iPhone & Android) etc. Then you can view and take control of such devices.

To learn more, please click below links:



Hope this helps !!

i think he means that he wants to remote control chromebook, tablets and phones.. (install Access) like we can to windows pc, ios etc etc.