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Looking for an ETA on Mac M1 client / processor support

dpuenner 8 months ago updated by Joshua A. Szántó 2 months ago 4

Is than an estimated release date for the Mac M1 client?   The current client installs sucessfully, but never registers in the control panel.

Available in Version:

https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Technical_support_bulletins/Rosetta_2_required_for_ConnectWise_Control_on_the_Apple_M1_chip is 4 months old, and the announcement is heading for close to a year. Can we at least get an ETA? I do not use Rosetta so screensharing is left using other tools for me at this point.


We need the M1 client for this already.  SC and LT agents are exhibiting extremely weird behavior.  Today alone we have Session IDs being swapped with other agents (example Agent for Laptop 1 on Automate is actually remoting us into Laptop 2, and laptop 5 is going to laptop 1).  Everything is screwy.  We have made sure not to update the devices to new versions of Big Sur so it's not a case of Rosetta 2 needing to be installed.  

Please assist, or give us an ETA as to when this will be released.  We have a lot of clients that are heavy Mac-users, and we're finding ourselves spending more time troubleshooting your agents than actually helping with the clients issues.  This is becoming time-consuming and inefficient.  We are considering looking elsewhere and cancelling CW if this is not rectified soon.


i'm a little concerned that native M1 support is taking so long. other companies like Anydesk got their remote control for M1 sorted out last year (2020). we plan to roll out new Mac's with an alternative remote control package that supports M1 natively to ensure we can support our clients adequately. 

We have installed Rosetta 2, ensured all permissions are granted, unblocked the software (third party/unknown developer bit), restarted the computer, reinstalled the agent -- and the ConnectWise Control agent is still instantly crashing. The event logs indicate that it is being relaunched every 10 seconds but crashing with a run duration of 0 seconds and abort code 1.