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Session Group Filter For Recently Added

Ran_Dee 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4

Since my client is set to install via GPO on devices joining the domain, or after reboot, I get devices connected to my ScreenConnect sessions frequently. Unfortunately, I have no way to determine which computers were joined unless I were to make the installer completely blank, but then I would need to figure out what site they were at. 

There should be a session group filter option for recently added. This will let us determine which devices recently joined the sessions list. 

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Hi Ran_Dee, 

You could create a session filter using LastConnectedEventTime < $7DAYSAGO, so you'll catch machines that are not only calling in for the first time, but machines that were also offline and came back online. Hope this helps! 


This is a slight help, but a session group filter for newly installed agents is a much better solution IMO. Thanks though. 


I actually just found a session group property that should be helpful (I forgot all about it!). What about FirstEventTime > $XDAYSAGO to find recently added? First event time would be connection, so that should work for your purposes. 

I tried FirstEventTime < $7DAYSAGO and it gave me almost the same number of machines in the total list. It's only off by 3, but I don't think that will work, unless I should combine it with another one.