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Clear Clipboard on Disconnect

Kahle P 2 years ago updated by Marc 10 months ago 11

Having a feature to automatically clear the guests clipboard when disconnecting from a session. Having a shared clipboard can be very helpful in some circumstances. With clipboard history in Windows 10, this makes

While disabling Clipboard Sharing and using Send Clipboard Keystrokes achieves the same results, it would be nice to know the clipboard is cleared when disconnecting.

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I agree on this one too... clear and without doubts.


Yes very much needed - I would like to suggest flushing the clipboard for Guests and Hosts alike on disconnect.


Yes, let's reduce security risk of accidental exposure to sensitive information on both MSP/Tech and client sides :)

As SteveIT said, flushing both sides on disconnect is crucial; I'd even go 1 further and say it should be on connect as well (or at least an option to flush on both sides similar to the Consent request)


This would be very helpful for security.


This would be a great feature as sometimes a tech might copy confidential info such as passwords and forget to clear the clipboard before disconnecting.

I have raised a ticket with ConnectWise and they said this would be a great enhancement and suggested to post on this forum and here gos my vote. Pity cannot vote multiple times :)


Definitely a needed feature.

It would also be nice if we could set default Clipboard Sharing based on device type, either workstation or server.

So we could default it to On for Servers and Off for Workstations


Ditto to all above^^


This is a security issue so it should definitely be added!  Clearing the clipboard history in it's entirety on disconnect is critical so that passwords and other sensitive info isn't accidentally left on remote computer.


I can't believe this hasn't been implemented yet considering how big of a security risk it is to not clear the clipboard history on the guest side, thereby leading to possible instances of guests gaining access to sensitive information inadvertently.  I always try and remember to clear the guest clipboard, but this should be done automatically.  Update on this????  Let's focus on some of these important security features and not aesthetic features...