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Control Access install - remove duplicates

Casey G 2 years ago updated by BethGagaShaggy 1 year ago 2


We use an imaging service to manage our new machines. When we image a laptop, we include the Access install file so as to enable remote control easily. When we re-image a laptop that had Access already installed, it re-installs just fine but it creates a duplicate entry in our Control hub. The old installs are duds and never reconnect to the machine. They are easy to clear out but this is time consuming. Please add a way to have the install file check for a duplicate and either delete the old session or reconnect the install to the old connection.

Thank you!

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We have a similar problem. Chassis serial number, CPU serial, and main NIC MAC should be a good start for de-duplicating.

This issue has been on the forums for several years. Is that long enough to consider it a going concern?