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Support for connecting to a headless endpoint (windows computer without a monitor plugged in).

joelcrburgess 2 years ago updated by Zanthexter 2 months ago 4

Currently there is no support for connecting to a headless endpoint (windows computer without a monitor plugged in). This is a big problem, as we are in the middle of moving from Bomgar to Control and now we realize that we can't support many of our client's servers or even Win10 computers who are headless. Even though the client has no monitor connected, we should still be able to see the Explorer GUI, other remote support apps certainly can do this. This is a HUGE feature-lack.

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Hi joelcrburgess, 

Wanted to pass along our troubleshooting guide for blank screens. We are continuing to investigate fixes for these blank screen issues. Can you please provide relevant information about your servers, version number, etc.? 



Many of the servers (and some desktops) we support have no monitor or KVM plugged into them and we don't have this problem.  Your problem probably lies elsewhere - such a video card driver or some other cause of blank screen.  To troubleshoot - try changing a computer to the MS basic video adaptor driver, then reboot and see if it's resolved.

Hi, got exactly the same issue with Win 10 headless, latest version (released 10/2/19 US date format), self hosted server. We dont have this issue with Server 2012 r2, 2016 or 2019. 

We've tried blanking guest monitor, makes no difference.

Tried rebooting into safe mode, makes no difference

Just ran into a problem again where I cannot remotely control a headless machine. It's connected to a TV. That is turned off.

I had to download and install TeamViewer to get my work done. Which was a challenge given that half the screen elements wouldn't display.

You guys are pestering me to renew my subscription but you seem uninterested in addressing problems with headless access which is EXTREMELY common.

This is basic functionality. I shouldn't have to use a competitors product because yours hasn't seen significant updates in years.

I'm tired of dealing with it. 

I'm not renewing.