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Launch Backstage via URL

cps 2 years ago 0

Please provide the ability to directly launch a Backstage session from a URL, as is currently possible for a console/ desktop session.

At present it is possible to open a new session via URL by appending /Join to its base URL. For example, if the URL for the computer is:


This opens the host page. But by appending /Join as follows:


This launches a console/desktop session. This is extremely useful in constructing integrations to third party tools without having to get third party engineers involved or having to dip into APIs. For example, we use this capability in order to integrate Connectwise Control with Datto RMM (formerly Autotask). We have also constructed shortcut keyboard macros for directly launching sessions from a text selection of the computer name.

More often than not we prefer to launch into Backstage with these integrations. Please provide a /Backstage option similar to the existing /Join option.

Available in Version: