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Ability to disable preview screenshot on session groups.

andrew 2 years ago updated by Guvna 5 months ago 3

We have certain clients in session groups that cannot have screenshots taken of their computers due to compliance requirements. We'd like to be able to accommodate this without having to disable preview screenshots altogether. 

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Hi Andrew, 

Check out this KB article. You can restrict or remove the screenshot preview by security role, or globally remove the screenshot preview. 

Hope this helps!

I'm requesting that the ability to stop these screenshots from being generated by session group be added to the product. I'd like to still have the preview screenshot for clients where there isn't a compliance need.

Same need here due to many compliance issues.  For most devices, this is not a problem, but for others, we need to be able to disable it.  I am OK with being able to disable it on secure computers rather than disable screenshots for logged in users, although that would be great too.