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User Group Security (IP Restriction & Login Time)

JayR 2 years ago updated by Shannen 2 years ago 1

Summary of Feature Request:

I think most Control Owners and Operators would love to have a feature where you could restrict Users Groups to Login IP and Login Hours. There are certain technicians you don't want to have the ability to login via from home or else where. I already know there is a global setting, but it would be better if these settings where user group specific. Prime Example: You have a global Admin who needs to have access from any IP and then you have a help desk agent that only works certain hours and needs to be restricted from the company's main IP. 

Feature Request:

Setting Enhancement: User Group Permissions
Feature: Ability to Restrict User Groups by IP and Login Hours

Available in Version:

We need a way to restrict the Internal Administrator account and any service accounts such as for ConnectWise Automate to IP address / CIDR ranges since all our other users are using external SAML / 2FA.

Mainly around the ConnectWise automate service account since the Administrator account can have the inbuilt 2FA enabled ofcource.

Additionally this may be able to used to restricted logins you may have provided to external vendors or employee's so only their known IP's can be used to login to their account.