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Exclude Sessions From Screen Record

Rob Lnenicka 3 years ago updated by Phil Ellis 3 years ago 2

We really like the screen record auditing feature.  It's a great CYA.  however, we've had the request from several clients that we not store those recordings due to privacy concerns.  Also, while it doesn't take a huge amount of space it would be great to save the disk space as well.

So it would be really great if we could somehow exclude various sessions from recording either permanently or on demand.  Thanks!

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I've got a similar situation, we use it as a CYA as well, but we have some institutions that flat out do not want anything recorded from their systems, it would be ideal to create a dynamic group that can exclude this feature. In addition it might be useful to allow a tech or admin to remove a recording already made or purge the recording as it is happening. For example you're doing a remote on a local business CEO computer and you stumble into a not so well hidden folder with explicit material, that might be one case where keeping a recording of that isn't the best idea.