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Connection Diagnosis

Rumage 3 years ago updated by Sean White 3 years ago 1

I would like to request a utility to diagnose connection issues. 

Let me explain the a scenario that I am beginning to see over and over.

I ask my customer to connect to a meeting,  they enter the code; download the APP; press Run.  The meeting never starts,  there are no errors.

CUSTOMER::  There must be something wrong with your meeting.  It doesn't work!

ME:  The meeting is working,  I am waiting for you to join.

CUSTOMER: Maybe I should try a different browser

ME: Any browser will work

CUSTOMER: I want to try browser  X,

ME: Fine, give URL, mtg CODE etc

CUSTOMER: Your meeting does not work.  I have access to the internet, blah blah blah... It must be on your side.

At this point I have wasted 20 minutes trying to make a 2 minute support call.

Given this scenario I would like a tool that the user can run via a URL which would run a series of diagnostic checks that would tell them whether they have a clear network path to the target meeting servers. Perhaps the tool could ping the specific addresses and PORTS with TCP and UDP to ensure that the path is open.  Then give a report that indicates an all clear or which ports are failing.

This in turn lets them understand that the failure to connect is caused by a network configuration restrictions on their end.

When I was a customer with GoTo Assist (Citrix) I found their version of this tool very useful.

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