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Prompt to lock remote computer when disconnecting - another try

Jason Tenpenny 3 years ago updated by Sean White 2 years ago 5

So you guys put out an extension, but it's still not giving me the functionality that I need. I need the ability to override the default setting, whichever way it's set. And I need to be able to do this per session. Again, check TeamViewer's option.

So my desired configuration is to have all sessions lock automatically on disconnect. But then I want a button override that tells it not to lock on disconnect for this specific host session only. That way if I've been on the phone with a client, I don't interrupt them when I jump off. But if I get disconnected from inactivity, the default action of lock still takes effect. The plugin you created does not give me this ability. I have to set machine overrides that are always in effect for that machine... unless I'm just missing something. But I don't think so. But the feature needs to be built in such a way that it can work the other way too. We should be able to have the global setting set to not lock on disconnect but hit the button override to force a lock on disconnect for the current host session.

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I'm going to second Jason's request here. This is exactly the thing I am looking for as well. I too have all sessions set for lock on exit. The selective doesn't really help us as we actually want all sessions to lock in a normal course of exiting a machine that is unattended. However, when you are directly working with a client on an issue, it is an annoyance for them when you exit to be immediately locked out to their system and they have to log back in just to continue. I normally just try to warn them it's coming and just log in, but like I said it's an annoyance. What would be nice is to just select a temporary option to skip the default configuration of auto lock through some means.Thanks!

Considering for Future Release
Considering for Future Release