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remote print mac

Clickcomp 4 years ago updated by enriqueg 2 months ago 12 1 duplicate

I need to be able to print from a Windows Machine on a Mac

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Please add remote printing support for a Mac

I'm stunned this isn't supported since LogMeIn and TeamViewer both have had support for this for years!  

Any Idea when will be able to use remote print mac?

I was told I could support a Mac.  No one told me the print function wouldn't work.  Please upgrade to include this

I need remote printing for Mac Please

Still need to have remote printing added for Macs.  This is becoming so much more crucial now during this time as more and more people are trying to work from home.  Please push to this feature added.

Obviously ConnectWise doesn't care about this feature since it's sat here for over a year.  It's not a difficult feature to implement since LogMeIn and others have been utilizing it for years.  Based on how slowly it is moving its Automate solution to the web, it would appear ConnectWise is more concerned with acquiring other businesses with technology such as LatTech than actually advancing technology.

Seriously!  This feature request is 3+ years old and as the above states... pretty obviously a necessary component.  Amazing

This is ridiculous, until I was asked I didn't even consider it wouldn't be implemented, it is such a basic requirement for remote working. Even MS implement it on RDP

ConnectWise please implement this ASAP

Would really like to see this implemented. I think Teamviewer even has it.

remote printing on a Mac is a must for people who are working from home! please add this request ASAP