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Sign setup.msi for Support Client Installation

Anonymous 4 years ago updated by Sean Keown 5 months ago 6

The EXE for the ConnectWiseControl.ClientSetup.exe is signed, but the setup.msi it puts in %temp% is not.

Available in Version:

We have this problem as well. We use on-premise ConnectWise Control 6.5. When a user downloads the session-specific client installer, they get a security warning in Windows because the installer is not signed. Teaching our end users to ignore security warnings is not acceptable.

This is how the feature should work:

In the Admin panel, under Security, in addition to Users and Roles, there should be a Code Signing section.

The code signing section should have textareas to paste your Authenticode certificate and private key (PEM format), a text input box to specify a timestamping service, and a checkbox to enable signing of client installers.

This should be doable whether the host is linux or Windows. The code signing tools are included in both .NET and the Windows SDK.


Any news for this?

Would like to know this too.

Any news, please?

Still now news? We have still the problems with deploying the clients to our Windows 10 installations, because we have Adblocker enabled

This is causing a lot of grief for our teams at the moment. I was told it's not possible to sign the MSI's because they are being changed on the fly. But since the .EXE contains the MSI isn't the .EXE also being changed on the fly?

Automate's MSI's are signed and are custom per site.