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Under review

Elevate-As-User rather than Temp Admin

keith osborn 5 days ago 0

Elevate-As-User rather than Temp Admin similar to how AutoElevate does it. 

This way when an application gets elevated, the user's personal folders (Desktop/My Documents/Downloads/ex...) folders that are user specific are of that user, rather than TempAdmin-56af925c

Under review

Add more details to create rules on for CAM

Daniel Wallach 1 month ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 1 month ago 1

I would like to have CAM bring in more details to create rules on, specifically fields like product version and product name. This way we could whitelist in this example publisher=Microsoft, product name=PowerToys*, version > 0.69.1 and it would be safely scoped to only Microsoft powertoys with version greater than 0.69. Currently with the options we have available the closest I can do is to whitelist all Microsoft products with filename of PowerToys* which a clever user could rename any Microsoft application and install. More granularity in the fields to create rules on would help.

Under review

Local saving of CAM rules to reduce delay in UAC prompt approval

DanielW 2 months ago 0

When using CAM for UAC prompt approval the UAC prompt appears for a few seconds before it is approved and the elevation continues.

As I understand it some of the delay is from the agent having to check in online to the screenconnect instance to see if the UAC prompt applies to one of the configured CAM rules. 

Is it possible for the CAM rules to be downloaded to the agent on the machine locally so that the approval process is faster?


elevation request grouping

jtieck 7 months ago updated by Mayfield 5 months ago 3

It would be great if Connectwise auto grouped machines into a folder when they had requested admin elevation. That way we could see who did and approve or deny them much easier than searching for the red dot.