ConnectWise Control 20.2

Timothy Huynh 4 weeks ago updated 4 weeks ago 1

20.2.29488 (2020-08-25)

Reported issues:

  • Session Manager check error
  • Unresponsive UI after a long period of inactivity
  • Memory leak
  • Service restarting itself

Build: 20.2.29488


Issue Type Components Summary
Story-bug Mono Server

Mono server installer hangs and crashes on last step of Setup Wizard

Story-bug Mono Server

Mono server has issues restarting services

Story Installer, Linux, Mono Server, Server

Halt install when license does not work with version being installed (Linux)

Bug Mono Server

"Object must implement IConvertible" error when attempting to save database maintenance plan

Bug Mono Server

ASP.NET page directive "Assembly" does not correctly resolve paths for source files on Mono server

Bug Mono Server

Memory leak in Mono server

Bug Mono Server, Web Server Service

Missing intermediate certificate on Mono servers using SSL