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Mac task bar icon and dark mode

Roudger 3 days ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 14 hours ago 3

version : 20.10

When using a custom icon for "ApplicationIconMac22", it is not displayed in dark mode.
However, I use exactly the same characteristics for the PNG file (22x22, gray scaled with alpha mask, only black with transparency).
But instead of seeing the same icon in white color, there is absolutely nothing.

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Hi Roudger, 

I just tested on my mac, still seeing the ApplicationIconMac22 in both light and dark mode on my machine. What OS is the Mac on?

Thank you for your reply.
The Mac is under 10.15.7.
Are you talking about a personalized icon, not the original?

Thanks! Yes, I changed my ApplicationIconMac22 to something custom (an M&M) and my appearance to dark. I am, however, on the Big Sur beta. Either way, would suggest you reach out to Support for additional assistance!