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Trigger E-mails not being sent still in 20.10.957.7556

Steven Woodhouse 4 weeks ago updated by Joel Burgess 2 weeks ago 9

Trigger e-mails work for a few hours before stopping again.  SMTP Test button works ok.  Using the latest SMTP Advanced Settings plugin.

Reverted to 20.7 for the time being which works correctly.

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Hi Steven, 

We were unable to replicate your issue internally. Please reach out to Support for further assistance. 

Hi, we've just upgraded our fully working 20.7 install back to 20.10 and again the e-mail triggers work for about 2 hours before stopping.  We also setup a trigger to send a message to Microsoft Teams which does still work however, so the problem doesn't appear to be with all triggers, just e-mail triggers and only after it's been running for about 2 hours.

Would you still like us to raise this with support?

Hey Steven,

just to clarify, say you have a single trigger with two actions, one HTTP and one email.  After 2 hours the HTTP action will still work but the email will not?

Might be difficult to tell but is it always exactly 2 hours after process restart until the SMTP actions stop working?

Also are you self-hosted or within our cloud?

Hey Steven, would you mind sharing how you setup a trigger between ConnectWise Control & Teams. The failing smtp triggers are really hurting us, and would love to have Control talk to Teams


Hi Joel,

No problem, you can follow this guide to setup the Teams webhook URL:


In Connectwise, add a new Trigger with "Web Request Action"

URL = URL generated by Teams


Content Type: LEAVE BLANK

Body: {{"text": "Your guest to session '{Session.Name}' from '{Session.CustomProperty1}' sent you a message: '{Event.Data}'", "api_action": "screenconnect", "screenconnect_data": {*:j}}}

Amazing thank you. I was not leaving Contact Type blank. Grateful for your time.

Hi Scott,

They are separate triggers.  We are self-hosted.  One time I noticed that it lasted overnight and worked once the following morning before failing again, so it's not always 2 hours exactly.

Ah, I see, thanks for clarifying that.

One last thing, do you mind posting the Event Filter syntax for a Trigger that fails to send an email?


Event.EventType = 'SentMessage' AND Connection.ProcessType = 'Guest' AND Session.HostConnectedCount = 0

E-mail Subject: [SC] Your guest to session '{Session.Name}' from '{Session.CustomProperty1}' sent you a message

HTML Body: False

Body: {Event.Data}