Portal not responding

Phil K 1 month ago updated by Davison 7 hours ago 12
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after upgrading to the latest Unix version, the portal stops responding after a couple hours. I have to reboot my server for it to start working agsin. 

This is no small bug but, after two weeks, its status is still "Under review". Please clarify what "Under review" means.


It means I forgot to update this. (We've been working on Linux-related issues since they were reported. This one looks to be a memory leak.)

I was told by the chat support that my issue is related to this one. As I am logged into the host portion the website continues to work. If I have an on the fly support session created, the user only gets a blank white website when going to my main URL. Rebooting works. I've experienced this off and on at random as of a few screenconnect versions ago.

Hi Eric, how's this one coming along?

Is the 19.6.26659 release supposed to fix this?  It's unclear to me if the release note line item "Bug - Mono Server - WebClient throws attempting to make secure requests" is referencing this issue or something else.

It is not - the fixed bug is for outbound web requests requiring TLS connections made by the Control server failing to complete (e.g. outbound SMTP requests, the status page checks, etc.)

The one on this page is still being worked on by development.

As a developer, myself, I understand. Eagerly awaiting a fix! Thank you.

I'm not sure what is taking so long with this, or why the Linux releases keep getting pulled.  Now the latest Linux release that can be downloaded is v19.4 from early November.  I get that the primary focus is Windows, but there are those of us that depend on a Linux on-premise build and don't want the complications of having to add a Windows machine just to handle a single app.  With Microsoft's push to make .NET more and more cross-platform I'd think it would become easier to support Linux.  Maybe it would be worth looking into .NET Core to unify the codebase and replace Mono entirely?

v19.4 was the last really stable version for me,

Asking again since another Linux-related bugfix has been posted for v20.1.  Is the bugfix for "Memory leak in Mono server" related to this issue?  It would be nice if the output stream could reference bug reports so we would know if there is any connection.