v19.4 display issues using Android App

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Recent update to the latest version of CWC - v19.4.25542.7214

Issue with host access to any guest in that if you send a command (e.g. mouse click or what not) it doesn't fully re-render the changes on screen to the Android device.

See below

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Hi Randy, 

Are you experiencing the same thing as another person reported in this bug report? Screenshot for reference. https://control.product.connectwise.com/communities/6/topics/2648-v194-display-issues-using-android-app

Thanks Randy, 

We're currently investigating a fix for this. I'll merge this with the other partner's bug report, as they're the same. 

Here is a snapshot of my Android device missing pixels on the device.


I'm seeing this in my iOS app too. My iPhone is on v13.1.2.


Sooooo what is going on Connectwise Control.... what is happening with this? A critical flaw has effectively ruined mobile remote support and the updates being done to the stable v19.4 having nothing to do with this??? 

Come on guys. Work with us here. I'm happy to provide any logs or screen shots or what not. But from the time I lodged this bug to now it has been 2 weeks. For a paid software that is abysmal. Just imagine if my clients were to receive the same service.


What is the status of this issue???  I'm unable to use Connectwise for over 3 weeks.

i have same problem huawei android 9 p30 pro mouse no refresh good and screen garbage

and is very slow and very no possible to use too buggy

hint if disable (blank screen guest) the mouse always buggy and screen is correct no garbage

the app android very slow on menu jam freeze no usable!


Everyone who is experiencing this issue please click the vote button. The more votes, I'm presuming, the more noise is sent Connectwise Control's direction.

and if use my android p30 pro phone to connect guest screen is buggy garbage now if phone is connect and same time use my desktop to connect on same guest the screen is ok on 2 device my computer and my phone.... exampt on my phone is busy slow and mouse garbage if you help to diagnostic.... excuse me my language is french

i test i too on my iphone 7 plus to guest windows 10 same probleme 

just windows 1903 after update....... on 1809 no problem only on windows 10 1903 i try windows 7 no problem

wtf windows 10 always problem after update satan microsoft...... problematic to work now! and please fix mouse refresh on android 9.1 and fix freeze on menu before connecting to guest on android 9.1 heawei p30 pro is very buggy slow no working 

thank you

if you blank guest monitor ( no problem screen no garbage and clean screen ) 

problem existe on android and apple iphone

model tested android p30 pro and iphone 7 et 7+

this is new update of microsoft because old windows no update no problem!?

thank you!

My team is also experiencing this issue. We recently decided to use ConnectWise over another screen sharing program, but this bug has made it unusable. Please update us with more information!


Wow this is unfortunately terrible support Connectwise Control. @Caitlyn where are you?? I've been using this product for over 3 years now and it was brilliant, easy to use, economically viable, technician focused and never (in my experience) had such significant issues. This version should never have got out of beta stage. Who is doing the testing over there?

Why can't we get some support on this? Even let us know that this is being actively investigated? 


Thank you Eric. Appreciate some traction on this.


is a joke no possible to work on my business on this program on android or iphone on guest windows 10 garbage no possible on screen WHY!??????? is no the option is the urgent fix this problem to IT working again you wait too i chosse another program style Teamviewer or other seriously 3 week and more same problem! now my iphone 7 ios 13 same problem of android i not possible to me to support my customer! this is my business!  now planned ( change to working on this now!) i am frustrated!


Can we get a credit on our account since the issue has been going on for weeks now?


The sad thing is I'm sure a dedicated developer team could figure this out and have a patch ready in a day.

4 weeks later. Come on Connectwise.