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Send keyboard keystrokes misstype like wrong keyboard mapping - 19.3.25169.7170

GregK 2 weeks ago 0

We updated our version to 19.3.25169.7170

After that we have the following problem.

Keyboards are messing up. For example

HUNgarian host (windows) presses ";" on the supported user endpoint gives "é" (that’s the Hungarian physical keyboard press) and other characters are also swapped.

HUNgarian host wants to copy paste e-mail address with "send keyboard strikes"

"somebody@company.com" , at the user endpoint (MacOS manifests "somebodyacompany.com" (so it replaces "@" to "a")

or it starts some mac keyboard shortcut (screenshot of region)

On Every version before, it worked flawless, no matter which local keyboard layout was at the guest side

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