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MacOS - All windows are white and non functional without physical display

Jason G 4 weeks ago updated by Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) 2 weeks ago 2

Machine I am accessing - MacMini

Client version: 19.3.25169.7170\

Operating System:Apple Inc., Mac OS X (10.14.6) (en_US)

Processor(s):Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-8100B CPU @ 3.60GHz (4 virtual) (X64)

Machine I am accessing from: Windows 10 ThinkPad RS5. Software version 19.3.25169.7170

When I access my MacMini using ScreenWise, all windows on the MacMini appear white.  There is one large mystery window that does not seem to be an actual window - perhaps a hidden overlay from ScreenConnect?  I cannot close the mystery window.  Other windows I can blindly interact with, though I cannot see what I am doing.

If I plug a display into the MacMini, the problem instantly goes away. In my case, I am using a USB-C -> VGA converter.  When I have the physical display connected, the mystery window is not visible. If I unplug the display, the problem occurs again.  After doing this 1 or 2 times, the problem will not re-occur until after OS sleep/resume.  

From the same Windows ThinkPad I am able to successfully work with other remote agents, but all are Windows based.  I only have 1 MacOS device, and it exhibits this problem.


ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
Host Client Affected:
Guest Client Affected:

I am having same issue, running MacMini headless as well. Same Client version on Mac, though Mac is Late 2014 i7-4578U running 10.14.6. Accessing from Windows 10 as well. I have not been able to test with monitor plugged in as I am remote though.

We have a tech bulletin on this issue. Unfortunately there is no known solution as this time in Control and other remote support tools. Attaching a monitor, display emulator, or headless Mac video accelerator will employ the video adaptor and allow the screen to be displayed properly.