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Server 2019 VM not refreshing display unless the console is live

TheScottyQ 6 months ago updated by Adam M 3 days ago 4

We have a 2019 Clustered HyperV environment where the guests do not show a live display unless the console is live from the HOST 

Keys and Mouse seem to be being passed through because if we send a CTRL+ALT+DEL to the guest and refresh the screenshot you can see it has been passed through to the guest, the display on the session just does not refresh for the host 

Screenconnect Version - 19.2.24707.7131 (not listed below) 

ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
Host Client Affected:
Guest Client Affected:

I can't belieeve this has been open for a month without any response. ConnectWise Control does not work with the latest version of Microsfot Server software and one of the most popular virtualisation environments and no update on this in a month!!!

This is happening to us too. Using ConnectwiseControl aka Screenconnect (cloud hosted, latest agent version 19.5.25995.7276 ) to connect to two Windows Server 2019 std virtual machines. (My DC01 and DC02). It worked fine for months until this morning. Now when I connect, I get only a grey screen. If I connect to the hypervisor and start a console session, the screenconnect session suddenly starts working. But screenconnect session will stop and go grey again if I end the hypervisor console session.This started happening to both machines this morning. They are the only 2019 servers in house. This issue is not happening to other servers or PCs.

I'm currently experiencing this on our 2 Windows Server 2019 guest VM's on a 2019 Windows Server hypervisor. If my Hyper-V connector is closed, when I connect to one of the guest VM's via ScreenConnect, I'm presented with a grey display. Say the VM I'm connected to is at the Windows welcome screen: If I send Ctrl+Alt+Del, nothing visible happens. If I then connect to the VM directly within the Hyper-V host, the ScreenConnect viewer is now live, displaying the login screen (resulting from sending Ctrl+Alt+Del).