Windows key stuck on host client

Dylan 11 months ago updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 2 months ago 10

Our users occasionally report that the Windows key is stuck on the host computer after using it in a remote control session. Windows will act like the key is still being held even outside a remote control session. Pressing the Windows key a few times solves the 'stuck' key.

Problem can occur after using the Windows key in a remote session to launch Explorer (Win + E) for example.

This problem started to occur after upgrading to 19.0.23665.7058

Host computers are running Windows 10 1809 October 2018 Update x64

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This is a huge pain in the rear, please fix.  


I have this issue after working in an RDP session and then switching Windows 10 Virtual Desktops Using the WIN + CTRL + Left or Right Arrow.

It only started happening with the last ConnectWise Control update, it's super frustrating for example if I type letter D all my open windows become minimized equivalent to pressing WIN key + D

The problem still persists after upgrading to 19.1.24050.7079

This issue still exists on 19.1.24050.7079 Windows Build 1803. If I can upgrade to Build 1903 I will report if the issue still exists here.

Hi Arussel, thanks for chiming in.

I'm currently on build 1903 and can confirm the issue still occurs.


As Dylan mentioned issue still occurs on Build 1903. I called support yesterday and submitted a ticket. It ended in them informing me that this is a known bug and their Dev. Team is allegedly investigating the issue.

For those of you who are experiencing this issue because you utilize Windows Virtual/Multiple desktop feature. There are other third party multiple desktop applications that can be used in the mean time (Which can utilize hotkey combinations that do not require the Win Key). I have only tested VirtuaWin. Its not the best but it is very light weight. 

Is this still being worked on?  

I'm having a similar issue only the Control key thinks it is stuck. I dont experience any symptoms as the host but the user can not type, even in the chat box. If they do type and happen to type a letter that has a command associated with it (like P for Print) it becomes problematic.

Is this still being addressed? Is this related?

I can confirm that this is still occurring I'm on 1903.