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Chats remain unanswered when answered without connecting to attended session

Mike Waldron 12 months ago updated by Mayfield 5 months ago 9

In previous version of ScreenConnect simply clicking in the chat dialog from the admin cleared a pending chat request notification. Now even if I respond, the request is not cleared. Is there a new super secret way to mark these chats as responded to? I cannot for the life of me get the blue dot to disappear. Many times I chat with people without actually connecting to their session..

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Well, the blue dot did disappear, but it took a while for that to happen. Different behavior than previous.

Not a bug

We added a configurable delay, "AcknowledgeMessageDelaySeconds". Tweak it directly in web.config, or use the Advanced Configuration Editor extension (Web Config -> Other Settings -> Acknowledge Message Delay)

I tried setting to 0 and 5 directly in web.config and it still took 10 minutes for the blue dot to disappear. Any other ideas?

Also I was unable to find the setting in the Advanced Configuration editor, but did find it in web.config.

Huh, the services should restart and reload those settings when you edit them. Is your server on Linux by chance? (It reloads fine for me on Windows, so I'm wondering if this is another Mono quirk.)

Could you try again with the extension? You'll have to use the updated version, 1.2.2.

Ok, reloading the advanced editor got the setting to stick. However, the feature used to work like so: 1. Someone would chat. 2. There would be a blue dot until you either replied or clicked on the message dialog to clear it. 

The new setting just acknowledges based on time, instead of an action. I assume there's no way to get it to work like it did in the last version.

I second Mike - I definitely prefer the old method.  I've been suffering through this change for months - and finally decided to look into it. 

I've changed it to 1 second - so it sort of gets back to the way it was - but curious what the use case is for the change?  If I'm missing something - I'd love to better understand :)


I think the reasoning was to prevent another tech from immediately clearing the dot if they just casually browsed the messages, but didn't actually chat back or take action. Leaving the dot up for a while increases the chance that whoever needs to see it, does.

Well - that sounds reasonable :) 

Appreciate the response!

IIRC, the setting controls how long an event remains unacknowledged after it's seen by a tech. Previously, if you were in a session group that filtered by unacknowledged event count, as so as you look at the chat, that machine would be removed from the session group and you couldn't see it anymore. This setting allows techs enough time to respond to chats while staying in that "unacknowledged events" session group.