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Please follow up on bug reports

Zanthexter 1 year ago updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 1 year ago 1


Has been flagged "waiting for information" for months. I have replied several times. This is at times a crippling issue that makes it impossible for me to do my work. 

So, bug report, staff has processing errors and attention corruption. Bug reports are not being followed up on.

I've spent thousands of dollars on Control. I expect at least some attempt to make the product work reliably on...just about any brand new Intel based laptop.

Install a fake USB video adapter driver. That will force video to stay on and resolve all these issues with blank screens and graphics artifacts when the lid is closed. Or whatever. The problem is COMMON. Buy a cheap laptop and you can easily replicate it and then maybe consider fixing it.
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Known issue

I just replied to the linked topic, but I'll repeat it here:

I neglected to update the status. We have been working on what may be a solution, but it is still in development and needs more testing before we can say for sure that it will resolve the issue you have described.