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HP printer on host does not use correct driver on client side

FuturesTech-Eric 12 months ago updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 12 months ago 1

Hey, I have a bug I haven't been able to figure out how to solve. The Host machine (Windows 7 Pro) has a HP Laserjet M502 printer. When I connect to a remote machine (Windows 10), the connections to the Host printers are added in as normal, but the HP on the client side uses Microsoft XPS print driver. Since this doesnt print out pages correctly sized, I installed the correct driver on the client machine and then changed which driver it uses.
Only it doesnt print anything once sent from the client to host machine and no error is generated.
Only the Microsoft XPS print driver works, which I don't want to use. And Connectwise attaches this driver to the printer connection every time I connect to it.

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I'm still looking into this, but it seems like the printer is misreporting its support for the XPS format. (Will update again when I have more info.)