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High Memory Usage on MacOS

zach 2 years ago updated by Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) 8 months ago 4

I'm noticing on Mac memory usage of the guest client frequently exceeds 2GB while idle (no host client connected). Is this intentional? I understand the guest client is Java-based, is it possible to tweak the memory pool size of the Java VM?

The version of the client I'm seeing in my ScreenConnect console is 6.6.18120.6697.

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Not a bug

So we've looked at this a few times and basically it comes down to java's relatively inefficient garbage collection.  While it's true that capturing a dynamically changing screen does use a decent amount of memory it's really due to how java allocates chunks in pretty large sizes (sometimes up to ~500MB) and only deallocates them when usage is below a pretty large threshold.  This means our client could be using 501MB but it's allocated 1GB.  Supposedly they've improved this within Java 10 but I haven't had a chance to investigate this in order to confirm.

I'll bump the task to take another look at how Java 10 has (or has not) improved this.

Did this ever get looked at? Was there a resolution confirmed for this? We have a similar issue running with a client at the moment where the RAM is being eaten by ConnectWise Control with no explanation why.

The problem still exists on Screen Connect 6.9.21870 with Java 10 installed.

Hi All,

The fix for this issue was just released in our 19.6 canary build.