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Mouse click is not detected in Android WebView

eliamyro 3 years ago updated by Eric Davis 1 year ago 11


I have developed an Android application that uses a WebView for displaying a web page.

When I connect from a PC to the Android device running the application and try to interact with the web page the mouse clicks are not detected. The interesting thing is that the hover events are detected. Can I know if there is a possible solution regarding this problem?

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I'm not sure what would be going on in this situation. On what device(s) have you tested for this behavior (note that the Control client can only control Samsung devices at this time; connecting to non-Samsung devices allows for screen sharing only)? Are mouse clicks processed on the same Android device when not interacting with your custom Android app?



The devices that we have tested it are the Samsung T350 and Samsung T710. The ScreenConnect application handles all the mouse events if they are not in a webview. All the mouse clicks are handled correctly in our custom app but not those in the webview part.



This problem is still very much alive 2 years later...

This problem needs to get fixed ASAP as it's spreading as more and more apps have started to use webkit/webview.

Client version: 19.2.23825.7066 still not working.

Cannot use the latest version of Samsung browser, chrome, firefox, or any web browser...

Hi Freshef, 

What is your server version? 


And when I say cannot use any browser, I mean in an android Guest, so from my PC controlling an android device, I cannot click any apps from within that device. I even have a support ticket for this: 12064636

Any update on this?

Any update on this?

Can I please have an update on this?

We heard that the workaround is no longer effective, so we'll take another look at this.