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Machine preview showing other devices

Poynter 10 months ago • updated by SR Smith 10 months ago 41

On access page other machines are being displayed in the preview window. These cycle through until the correct machine is shown. The wrong organisation name is also displayed.

When generating a new adhoc support session, a preview window appears before you can choose the session settings. 



Complicated process required to control macOS 10.14 (Mojave) clients

sgtpoliteness 5 months ago • updated by Howie Isaacks 3 weeks ago 68

Setting up Connectwise Control on macOS 10.14 (Mojave) clients is difficult and requires many extra steps as compared with previous macOS versions.

To set up Connectwise  Control on a brand new install of macOS 10.14, these steps are required:

  1. Install .pkg as normal (this allow remote viewing but no control)
  2. Reboot macOS computer
  3. After reboot, attempt remote control, this will prompt a popup asking if the macOS computer wants to allow
  4. Click "Open System Preferences"
  5. Click lock (bottom left), enter computer password
  6. Check box next to "screnconnect-xxxxxxxxx"
  7. Reboot
  8. Remote control again works

In cases where remote control was working on a macOS 10.14 computer where Connectwise upgraded from 6.6 to 6.7, connectwise software must first be removed using these steps:

  1. From Access website, select session > End > Uninstall and end
  2. On macOS computer, open system preferences > accessibility
  3. Click lock (bottom left), enter computer password
  4. select "screenconnect-xxxxxxxxx", click - to remove
  5. Reboot
  6. Install using steps above

I believe this complexity is due in part to some sort of increased system security in the new macOS.  Still, it seems much of this could be streamlined.


6.9.21027.6898 Client not compatible with Server 2003

T Stine 3 months ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 1 month ago 22

The Host is greeted with a grey screen when attempting to connect to a 2003 server.

Last known working version: 6.8.20124.6845

Eric Davis (SDT) 1 month ago

This should be fixed in the latest 6.9 release. Please let us know if there are still any issues.


Known issue

TLS 1.3 seems to breaks screenconnect when using ssl on mono

stylnchris 11 months ago • updated by William Warren 4 weeks ago 94

TLS 1.3 seems to breaks screenconnect  when using ssl on mono.

Disabling it in chrome/firefox seems to be a quick fix, however at some point im guessing it would be better for mono to support TLS 1.3. 

Version 6.5.16479.6613


6.9.20755.6879 - Guests Disappear until restarting services

ben 3 months ago • updated by Rylos 2 days ago 57

Since updating to 6.9.20755.6879, we noticed that some guests disappear until restarting the ScreenConnect Web Server and ScreenConnect Relay services.


Red dot chat message indicator is hidden if host page not wide enough

Sam Segura 1 year ago • updated by kpalacios 3 months ago 17

The red dot is positioned after the description of the machine.  It is only visible if the Host page is maximized or stretched out to the right enough.

On a 1920x1080 monitor,

If anything less, it looks like this.  It gets covered up by the other elements in the page, elements that provide no information.


It would be more helpful (useful) if the positioning of the red dot were at the beginning of the description.



change color scheme

mhighsmith 2 years ago • updated by Ben Burner 1 year ago 57

getting the windows error asking to change the color scheme to windows 7 basic since upgrading to 6.1.

Ben Burner 1 year ago

This issue has been fixed as of the 6.4.15002 release.


please addition fonction to disable transition animation version on 6 is to slow 900 guest

aodinfo 11 months ago • updated by Ben Delville 7 months ago 25

please addition fonction to disable transition animation version on 6 is to slow 900 guest and is no good for group of people excuse me my language is french , for me on click on all  access and slow animation if possible to add fonction on config to disable the transition animation of  you software 

Waiting for information

ConnectWise client window is increasing in size vertically when "Move Window to Next Monitor" hotkey combo is used.

Justin Rivers 5 months ago • updated by Eric Davis (SDT) 5 months ago 1

The Windows hotkey combo for "Move Window to Next Monitor" (Win+Shift+Left or Right) is causing the ScreenConnect client window to increase in size (veritcally) by a few millimeters each screen swap. (ConnectWise version 6.3.13446.6374 running on Windows 10 Pro 64bit build 1809)

Waiting for information

IOS App Continually Asks for Password

Michael M 5 months ago • updated by Joe Klein 4 months ago 9

I'm running IOS 12 and version 2018.2.19209.0 of the ConnectWise Control App.  When I open the app I am prompted for my username and password.  I am able to browse to a client and connect with no issues. Once I disconnect from a client I am prompted again for my username and password. 

I must constantly re-authenticate if I want to connect to multiple clients, or even reconnect to the same client.