ConnectWise Control 20.2

Timothy Huynh 6 days ago in Control updated 12 hours ago 5

20.2.26728 (2020-02-12)

20.2.26765 (2020-02-12)

20.2.26779 (2020-02-12)

20.2.26796 (2020-02-12)

20.2.26897 (2020-02-18)


Build: 20.2.26728


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Administration Page, Extension

Add empty state text to the Extensions Page

Task Audit Page

Update how capture info is displayed on audit page now that we'll be virtualizing capture files in cloud

Task Host Page

Redesign host page solid theme

Bug Host Page

Error message can appear off of dialog

Bug Server

SingleThreadSynchronizationContext can never return from Send

Bug Web Application

SC.ui.createBarGraph should not take a container and add to that container

Bug Host Client

Using too small of an icon for UnderControlBanner

Bug Host Client

Split screens function is in the wrong coordinate space

Bug Login Page

Login Panel does not have even padding

Build: 20.2.26765


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Relay Service, Session Manager Service

Session manager timeouts crash the whole server process

Bug Web Server Service

Server can crash with unhandled ArgumentException out of ServerExtensions.MapPathUnsafe

Build: 20.2.26779


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Host Page, Session Manager Service

Information for sessions in subgroups does not update properly

Build: 20.2.26796


Issue Type Components Summary
Story-bug Authentication, Extension

Internal server error when using extension executables

Build: 20.2.26897


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Administration Page, Mobile

Update the card style of extensions in iPad view

Task Host Page, UIUX

Polish the PopoutPanel style

Task Host Page, UIUX

Polish the link style button

Task Host Page, Mobile, UIUX

Make ToggleDetailPanelButton more obvious

Task Host Page, UIUX

Use drop shadow instead of border lines to draw the outline of cards and tiles

Task Host Page, UIUX

Added more prominence to command buttons in Administration Page

Task Host Page, UIUX

Updated guest page/login page UI

Task Host Page, UIUX

Polish the multi-selection panel UI

Task Host Page, UIUX

Adjust border roundness of Web UI

Task Host Page, UIUX

Polish the MasterPanel selected state and adjust border radius for Create/Join Button

Task Host Page, UIUX

Align the title and checkbox in the sessionlist panel

Story-bug Host Page, UIUX

Minor UI issues with new Solid themes

Story-bug Host Page

Run Tool error message does not show in Edit Mode

Bug Host Page, UIUX

.SubDetailPanel slide in animation needs overflow hidden

Bug Licensing

License change failures can result in invalid state

Bug Mono Server

Memory leak in Mono server