ConnectWise Control 19.4

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19.4.24619 (2019-07-01)

19.4.24686 (2019-07-09)


Build: 19.4.24619

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Administration Page ; Authentication ; UIUX Remove disabled user sources from admin page on default install
Task Guest Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Under control banner style updates
Task Host Client ; UIUX Show tooltips for Mute/Unmute button in SoundControlPanel in Host Client
Task Host Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Added some padding for docked panel in Host client border-less design
Task Host Page ; UIUX Update timeline colors for guest and host
Task Host Page ; Session Groups ; UIUX Update session group reference with Uptime
Task Host Page ; UIUX Create Prototypes for Updated Tab UI
Task Host Page ; UIUX Implement minimum column widths - Web UI
Task Host Page ; UIUX Update Wake-on-LAN message in the command's dialog
Task Linux ; Mono Server Upgrade Mono to improve supportability of on-premise Linux installations
Sub-task Host Client ; Java Client ; UIUX Number the buttons within the 'Select Monitor' toolbar control beginning from '1' instead of '0'
Sub-bug Cloud Cloud: Constructor on type ScreenConnect.ColumnDefinition not found
Story Administration Page ; Security ; UIUX Add User Name to "Delete User" Modal
Story Administration Page ; Authentication ; Security Improve efficiency creating or editing internal users
Story Host Client ; Java Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Add toggle switch to host client to control clipboard sync
Story Host Page ; UIUX Timeline Redesign - V1
Story Host Page ; UIUX Better differentiation between Notes, Commands, and Messages tabs
Story Host Page ; UIUX Make shift+doubleclick on session open the "join with options" dialog
Story Host Page ; Manage Toolbox ; Toolbox ; UIUX Access Manage Toolbox from Run Tool dialog
Bug Authentication ; Web Server Service Norwegian language setting in browser corrupts SAML request
Bug Authentication ; Mono Server ; Security Password hashes are not correctly transformed/maintained when upgrading the server on mono
Bug Extension Runtime LoadError is not produced when no extension components can be loaded due to version requirements
Bug Guest Client ; Java Client ; Linux Guest Java client doesn't send screen data for non-Mac operating systems
Bug Guest Client ; .NET Client Meeting guest client View menu includes non-functional "Share My Desktop" button
Bug Guest Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Guest name does not show up in Windows Client chat box
Bug Guest Page ; UIUX ActionPanel and Welcome panel should be vertical aligned
Bug Guest Page ; Mobile ; UIUX Join button on guest page is positioned incorrectly on Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
Bug Helper ; Host Client ; .NET Client Helper's Google search does not return results past page 1
Bug Helper ; Host Client ; .NET Client Helper's Google search button does not return results when button is clicked
Bug Host Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Sync view control panel logon session drop down with current logon session
Bug Host Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Monitor selection panel isn't refreshing every second
Bug Host Client ; Java Client ; Mobile ; .NET Client ; Performance The Windows client does not auto refresh when connects to a iOS device
Bug Host Client ; .NET Client An error is logged in event log when a host disconnects from an access guest client
Bug Host Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Meeting Host panel extends into taskbar
Bug Host Client ; Performance Screen Capturing around Mouse looks weird
Bug Host Client ; Java Client ; Mac ; UIUX Java host client: no scrollbars when maximized while connected to a guest with a larger resolution than the host
Bug Host Client ; .NET Client Using asian language IME in host prevents keyboard input in guest
Bug Host Page ; UIUX Session table hover over state will override selected state
Bug Host Page ; UIUX No result shown after send email in Host Page invitation tab
Bug Host Page ; UIUX Command results from windows seem to include a blank newline at beginning
Bug Performance Investigate whether ScreenFlushMessage should have MessageAttribute isUrgent=true
Bug Performance ; Session Manager Service Improve cached entry handling for subgroups with a large number of sessions on very active servers

Build: 19.4.24686

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Administration Page, Audit Page, Security

Audit result data not properly escaped

Bug Guest Page

IE Guest page broken by shorthand property names