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ConnectWise View gives a knowledgeable expert the ability to connect to a field tech's or customer's mobile device camera. Ultimately, these "experts" will be able to see what's going on and assist the technician/customer without having to travel offsite. 

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Text option has disappeared from "Connectwise View"

Kiwi_Sam 9 months ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 8 months ago 7

Connectwise view until a few days ago had a feature to text the URL to the client. Now it only gives option to email and copy URL


There's an issue with mobile carriers filtering text messages from View, resulting in end users not receiving text messages. We've removed the text message invitation option until it is resolved. 

More on the issue here: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_View_Documentation/Technical_bulletins/Not_receiving_text_messages_from_ConnectWise_View


ConnectWise Control View does not work on S20s

Andoni Usubiaga 12 months ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 7 months ago 9

When I try setting up ConnectWise Control View, it does not work on S20s. I get an error message "Error requesting your camera/microphone: Could not Start video source". I get the same error message on chrome, edge and samsung internet.I have in each app allowed permissions for camera and microphone but i have no luck. i tried this with multiple s20's and they have the same issue. It works on our s10's and iphones. My s20 is up to date and i have restarted my phone multiple times. I also tried wiping the cached partition. I am registering an external Bug report on this issue. So when devs create the internal issue, support can have them link it.

Not a bug

ConnectWise View - Launch View Required Permissions?

Max 3 years ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 7 months ago 1


I can launch ConnectWise View from my browser (option is available), however other users inside of my ConnectWise Console cannot (No Option Available). What permission level does a user need to create a View Session? It would be nice to have a toggle box for this permission so it can be assigned to non-technical user accounts that just need this feature.


I'm assuming you are using ConnectView with Automate? If this is the case, this issue has been fixed with the launch of the ConnectWise View integration with ConnectWise Automate.


Persist negotiating connection message

anonymous 3 years ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 6 months ago 2

Using Chrome on desktop, and Safari on iOS, the session remains in a negotiating connection state. 

IPhone 7s, using 11.4.1


Taking a snapshot freezes the video feed

Simon 1 year ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 7 months ago 4

Whenver I take a snapshot, the video feed freezes both on the operator's side and the cameraperson's side.

Then, after a few moments, the operator's screen shows "negotiating connection with cameraperson".

Then, after that, "the cameraperson has left the session" even though the smartphone browser shows it's still streaming (albeit frozen).

So, ultimately, taking a snapshot terminates the feed.

Edit #1: I've done more testing and it appears that taking colorful snapshots freezes the feed, but taking bland ones does not.

By "bland" I mean something like the image I've attached at the bottom of this post.

The smartphone is an iPhone 11 on the latest iOS using Safari.

Edit #2: After more testing, it seems I can take snapshots without any hitches if I switch to low resolution.

So I should redefine the bug as: "on the default high resolution, taking all but the most bland snapshots freezes the feed".

Under review

Microsoft Hijacks My Remote Support Client

FAB-ITRescue 1 week ago 0

Not sure this is version Specific & in truth this is Microsoft poking where they don't belong - but YOU need to stop them!

I self host with around 200 Remote Access Clients & ad-hoc Remote Support to over 300+ clients who have met me personally over the years of IT Support.  Because they download my Remote Support Client Software from MY server, these customers can be assured that it's ME accessing their computer & not some other charlatan.  I stopped using Team Viewer for that very reason.  Customers were asking me to "dis-infect" their PC after they had been scammed & I would find various Remote Support programs which were all publicly available for free trial or free for personal use.  So self hosting ScreenConnect (Connectwise Control), ensures that no 3rd party can use the remote access/support client to mess with my customers.

Today I was talking a customer through the download & installation process for Remote Support session & even though they were using Windows 10 Home NOT Windows 10s, they got a Microsoft dialog inviting them to download Connectwise Control from the App store instead!  The option to continue with the download & installation from "outside Microsoft" was buried in the list of non-obvious options.

I'm a legitimate business, undertaking legitimate tasks using paid for & maintained licensed software.  I do not expect Microsoft to be "calling me out".

Under review

Multiple Clients

IvanM 1 week ago updated 3 days ago 2

We use ConnectWise to remote in and support our users at other locations.  Sometimes we need a 3rd party to assist with their product.

If the 3rd party also use ConnectWise, they are unable to connect to the computer.  It seems that the computers do not support multiple clients from different companies.  Unfortunately, neither we nor they use other remote software, so we end up with no support assistance.

We do try all the different install options ConnectWise offers us, but none of them are able to connect.

Not a bug

Error when opening links on ios

econtreras 2 years ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 6 months ago 2

This is the page I see when trying to open the link. It has happened on two seperate devices. 

It works in android. 

Not a bug

Launch View button missing

Izzy 3 years ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 9 months ago 2

We've been using cwview for a while and about a week ago the launch view button that we use to create a session went missing.


iOS (iPhone 8+) will not load cwview.com in Chrome, Firefox & Safari.

MCarter 3 years ago updated by Dee Cater (Product Marketing Manager) 7 months ago 2

Tried all three applications on my phone and it will not load the page. I tried with and without Wi-Fi. The only way I could get a connection to my phone was through the email and text invitations.