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ConnectWise View for On-Prem

Jesse Brinson 7 months ago • updated by Brian 3 months ago 6

Allow ConnectWise View to be used for on-prem customers.

As a legacy premium customer, I'm extremely disappointed to find that I don't have access to this premium extension.

Hi Graeme, 

ConnectWise View is being built as a separate product from Control.  Once we have a stand-alone licensing and pricing model, we'll make it available for Legacy On-Premise customers. We'll share more information later in 2019.


What time in 2019 will this be covered?

but its not a separate product . we was the founders of this product . and your cloud people are getting it FREE as a extension .

as far as i know the on premise i paid for was supposed to include everything .

very unprofessional to keep bleeding us out .

Hi Mike, your reply above seems to suggest that users of on-premise ConnectWise Control will have to pay extra for this functionality, this would be extremely disappointing.  Surely as this is built into the hosted option it should be rolled out to all premium customers... Legacy or not.

its the American way !  keep taken more and more , that's why we have problems with our gov .