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ConnectWise View gives a knowledgeable expert the ability to connect to a field tech's or customer's mobile device camera. Ultimately, these "experts" will be able to see what's going on and assist the technician/customer without having to travel offsite. 

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Pending Review

ConnectWise View for On-Prem

Jesse Brinson 7 months ago • updated by Brian 3 months ago 6

Allow ConnectWise View to be used for on-prem customers.

Considering for Future Release

Allow new Connectwise Control "View" to be used on premis

eric 12 months ago • updated by anonymous 12 months ago 1

Currently the new "View" functionality to view camera of cell phone can only be used with Cloud Control.  Please allow use with an on premise server.

Considering for Future Release

Add branding options

anonymous 10 months ago • updated by Sean White 3 months ago 1

Per Partner -

It would be great if we can white label the tool (brand it with our logo)

Considering for Future Release

Offer mobile apps for both sides

anonymous 10 months ago • updated by Sean White 3 months ago 1

Request is for coordinator and cameraperson app(s) 

Pending Review

Add the ability to restrict extension access on a per role basis

Andrew Bayura 4 months ago 0

Add security permissions so very restricted users or possible clients that may be using Control do not have access to the View extension.

Pending Review

Add the ability to annotate captured snapshots and display them to user at other end

anonymous 10 months ago • updated by Peter Wilcox 5 months ago 2
Considering for Future Release

GPS Metadata/Google Maps API Hook/Plugin

Max 1 year ago • updated by anonymous 12 months ago 1

Would be cool to have a GPS Location from those presenting. For example, worker out in the field could stream back what he was seeing at a location and the GPS/GoogleMap location would appear on the right side for the viewer.


Pen Tools To draw/highlight areas on operator browser screen

DanMyers 1 year ago • updated by anonymous 1 year ago 1

I can see down the road it being beneficial to have drawing tools that the technician can initiate which will draw on the operators phone browser screen.  Much like Control Annotation features

Considering for Future Release

Maintain live stream when cameraperson minimizes browser

anonymous 10 months ago • updated by Sean White 3 months ago 1

Per Partner -

There should be an option in which we can minimize the camera on the phone and still the video will go on.

Considering for Future Release

Let View work with Chrome on iOS

carl.powers 7 months ago • updated by Mike Bannerman 3 months ago 2