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Dual Monitor on Mac

joshua 4 years ago updated by SeanM 5 days ago 6 2 duplicates

It would be great if i could view computers with dual monitors on two separate screens when i am using dual monitors on my Mac.

Available in Version:

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Any word on whether this feature is going to be rolled out anytime soon?  Thanks!

Is this going to be considered at any point? We've got a few clients who would like to ditch LogMeIn, but cannot until this feature is implemented.

Would be nice to get a response from Connectwise...


This can already be done. Simply join the session and select the 1st monitor. Then go back to Control webpage and open/join a second session and select the second monitor. 

I have actually made this work with 3 monitor sessions.

Be aware that you can drag windows up to the edge of the session you are on, but then you have to go to other session and pull it the rest of the way over.

Somewhat kludgey, but it works effectively.

God almighty why is this not supported...This is the most basic of basic requirements for a Remote access software.  Free instances of Teamviewer, Microsoft RDP with VPN - all of which do this.  Please get this implemented as soon as possible as it makes this a subpar solution compared to what someone can get for free...

Would be nice to know if there are any plans to improve multi-monitor support for the MacOS client.