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Greg Spanner 6 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 2 weeks ago 15

You already have an integration piece for Freshdesk but I use Freshservice which is made by the same company and just offers more of a complete product in ,line with the ITSM suite. COuld you develop integration for FreshService as well?

Available in Version:

Hello guys,

We also would like to see the screenconnect/freshdesk integration roll into freshservice. In a first approach we would like to use adhoc connection and the consequent log as a internal note into the ticket.

Another useful feature into the Screenconnect/freshservice integration would be an Fresh service asset based screenconnect connection, in addition to the ad-hoc session.

Freshservice needs screenconnect to be a near perfection product. Keep up the good work. Looking forward for this feature/integration.

Looking for the Freshservice integration with ScreenConnect, just like FreshDesk has. In the meantime, I was able to create a workaround via a Freshplug (Freshservice plugin).

Can you elaborate on how you did this Cazi?


Hi Greg,

I created a Freshplug integration for the Ticket View page that parses the requesters email address (e.g. username@domain.com), removes @domain.com so I am left with the username and then generates a link button to search ScreenConnect for that username.

Freshplug Code:

<div id="ScreenConnectFind" title="ScreenConnect Find Requester FreshPlug">

<div class="content"></div>
<div class="error"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var screenConnectURL = "https://<your screenconnect URL here>/Host#Access/All%20Machines/"
var requesterEmail = "{{requester.email}}";
var userName = requesterEmail.split("@")[0];
var searchURL = screenConnectURL.concat(userName);
document.getElementById("task_apps").innerHTML = "<p><p><center><a class='btn' target='ScreenConnect' href="+searchURL+">Search ScreenConnect for Requester</a></center>"

Cazi, nice work buddy! I can't believe it was something that simple. Our HelpDesk girl loved it. Thanks for posting this!


Can you give me a bit of a walkthrough to setup the Fresh Plug?

What is the status on this?  This thread is 5 years old and is "under review".  Let's get 'er done...

Really needed for Freshservice rather than FreshDesk


Hi All,

We do have an integration with Freshservice. Please visit the Extension MarketPlace to install the Freshservice.

Can someone help please, I have set up the extension but cant find ConnectWise Control in the fresh services marketplace?

Thank you

Hi Garth, 

The Freshservice integration was actually developed by the Freshworks team. Unfortunately it looks like they did take it down from their marketplace. I'm reaching out to see what the status of this integration is. Sorry for the delay!



Caitlin - Did you find anything on this? We've just started a trial of Connectwise Control as we're looking for a new service, and integration with Freshservice would definitely be a point in favor of your product... 

Hi! I'm reaching back out to Freshworks. The Freshservice integration was fixed on both sides, and the piece on the Control side is posted on our marketplace. I'm not sure why they haven't re-posted there. 

Another quick update -- they're actively trying to find a workaround to post the integration to their marketplace. When I have more info I'll post here.