The Ability to set the screen resolution when connecting to a device

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When you connect to a server the screen resolution can be quite small and there is no way to change the default window size, having the ability to change or set a default connection resolution size or control it in the session would be very helpful, it is very frustrating when you are viewing a sever at 800x600 when you have 1920 x 1080 monitor.

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This is a big one for us as well. We have this ability with TeamViewer, and it's the one feature that's keeping us from switching over completely.


We just migrated 2000+ machines from LogMeIn to ScreenConnectm facing this issue. The techs can move past it, but for our clients using SC to access machines under our account they are less tolerable. LogMeIn has done this for years, without issue, the blank screen option in SC also seems buggy.

This would be VERY handy for all those servers with hand me down monitors plugged in...

So is this a well known issues? I also experienced if the host has a dual monitor then the screen was little small and I have difficulty to troubleshooting. Anyone find a solution, please post it here. Thanks

This is something that we would love and our clients would like as well. We are trying hard to move them away from LogMeIn and this is their biggest complaint.

Echo of the same thing. This is holding up our plans to migrate a LOT of clients over to ScreenConnect. Need the resolution of the computer being controlled to automatically adjust and adjust back when disconnected.

We definitely do need this. I am still having to use two systems because screenconnect leaves some servers unmanageable.

Has anyone addressed this?  Every other remote client I've ever used can do this and, in this respect, SC has been a big disappointment.

Please address this ASAP.  Many server systems are headless and it's quite frankly ridiculous that the default resolution is 800x600.  Many dialog windows won't even fit in that space anymore.


so, a year later, how close are we to getting this?

This a feature that we would love as well. Need it all of the time! Who has a monitor on servers anymore?

This is the most frustrating missing feature. I'm considering a different product just because this hasn't been addressed after multiple requests for it.

PLease add this - development of webpages has moved past this resolution size now, and there are pages where I cannot click on buttons anymore due to the small resolution. The SonicWall appliance web portal for one.

We're also coming from LogMeIn, which has that functionality (albeit doesn't work well), but were very disappointed to see that this is not even a feature at all with the Control product. Is this in the roadmap at all?

Any luck with this? It's been over 2 years and still nothing.


so I talked with someone at Automation Nation and they basically said they haven't started on it. Adding this feature would be a complete rebuild of the way the program displays the remote screen.

That being said, it still needs to happen. It's an important feature to have when everything is being designed for widescreen devices these days.


Very significant competitive advantage/disadvantage...

Very important feature/necessity that has yet to be made available. This has caused many issues for my client who is using this and I am looking at alternatives as well.

This is a huge problem for me too.  I came from TeamViewer where it was simple to change the resolution of a headless server.

As long as this is only an option. I would hate for it to change the screen resolution of some of the systems i support as it will crash our apps.

Since we cannot change the resolution could the default be something bigger than 800x600?  Even 1024x768 would be most helpful.

Yeah, Steve makes a great point. At least give us 2-3 choices. This has been a hassle for years...


I am able to go into the computer/server and select the display settings, Then Advanced Display Settings and change the resolution there. Worked for me.


Brad, does that computer have a monitor attached? This issue is specifically for headless machines.

Welp, did SC fix it and Brad just dropped a hint or has this been like that all along that everyone missed for the last 3 years? 

It does seem to solve my issue on a headless VM.


+1 for us on this. Definitely need the ability to push the resolution to the headless machine.

Another +1.  Servers are often attached to KVMs and it would be nice to at least have a few options to choose from.

Big problem... need solution or might leave the app.

Changing the resolution by right-clicking and change resolution worked for us on a VM.  Not sure why a headless server would be any different but have not tested that. Also, if you then remote into the same session with Remote Desktop Connection Manager and it changes the resolution to the full screen, Screen Connect will remember what you had changed it to when you get back in with it again. 

We added some 4k headless Display Port adapters to the machines. They were cheap, and they work great. It would be nice to have software-based solution for that though.

THis shouldn't be that difficult. Should be able to get the current screen resolution, then use powershell to set to the pre-configured screen resolution (or match host resolution) and then reset to current after disconnecting. 

I directly login to servers for almost all my customers and some customers have their security set so that I cannot adjust screen resolutions.  This is very annoying and time consuming when I have to scroll right/left/up/down in order to get to the necessary functions to support my customers. Again Super Annoying!

I have to say I love this product but hate that I can't adjust the resolution like the rest of you. Its very disappointing to me that they are seeing all these comments and doing nothing about it. Please fix this for us. 

Working on servers using ConnectWise Control with 800x600px resolution is very annoying.

RDP/RDS into the same servers gives me 1920x1080, or even 1920x1200px when I use such monitors.

So higher resolutions with ConnectWise Control should be possible, right?

Any updates to this? 

Not that I am aware of.

I agree with you all that the ability to remotely control the resolution of a machine would be nice, and I have commented previously the same. I think this feature is a needed addition to Control.

I will say that we have installed headless display adapters on all of the machines without a monitor that we control. These run less than $10 on popular online retailers and come in HDMI and DisplayPort options. They give us the ability to select any resolution we would like to display when we log in. This doesn't help machines with fixed or security-locked resolutions, but still solves the majority of our resolution issues.


Roadmapped. Are there any updates to this feature?  Fairly hard to convince users to use control over RDP when they can't accomplish any work in an 800x600 resolution workspace. 

2020 around the corner and this is still an issue

What in the world is going on? 


Please get this going ASAP! I cant believe other lower end products support this, but Control does not. This has been a problem and was requested over 4 years ago!


4 years and not even a reply... come on people!

4 years and still not implemented. Unfortunately, this is usually the Control speed. It takes always many years time until a Feature Request is implemented. Its really sad. The product would be so good.

I just had this happen w/ the latest update.  Never did before.  I have a request into support on how to resolve this.  Will report back.


This was roadmapped in September, 2018.  When can we expect this to be released?


This is a highly needed feature, why the delay in implementing it?  A computer with resolution set too low cannot be managed using ScreenConnect.  I have to connect to the computer using another method, or go to the computer physically, to change the screen resolution to make ScreenConnect work correctly.  So, if I have another means of connecting to the remote machine, tell me again why I need ScreenConnect?  Please implement this ASAP!

At this point it's clear Screenconnect doesn't take user feedback seriously and it's time to move elsewhere. Anyone got any suggestions?

Needs to be fixed.