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Android Control of all Phones!

nn 2 years ago updated by Trevor Nuttall 4 months ago 22 6 duplicates

Pleas make it possible to install and manage android devices full by remote control.

ASAP because we have to use teamviewer since then

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It is possible to remotely control Samsung devices. Who is the manufacturer of the device you would like to control?

I downloaded both APK files that are listed on the screenconnect.com/download page. Neither file let me fully control a Samsung tablet. I could see the screen and tab through apps but my mouse clicks wouldn't work. Is there something I need to do to get my mouse clicks to work? Thanks!


Please contact our support team here if you're still having this issue. 

I second, third, and fourth being able to have full control over all Android devices, not just Samsung.

Hi also I have the same problem. Can not work with mouse, there is a solution to the topic?

A new mouse mode will be released to our beta group for testing in the next week or so. Are you interested in receiving beta updates?

Absolutely. Thanks!

I'd also love to be apart of a beta testing / release - could someone reach out?  We have a project going that would greatly benefit.

Hey Rick, 

Send a Gmail or Gsuite address to kmartinez@connectwise.com and i'll get you added.

Are you going to expand what android devices can be fully controlled?  Was really hoping to get this option back.


Hi manet80, 

Unfortunately, we are only able to control Samsung devices because of device manufacturer limitations. If those manufacturer limitations are lifted, in the future we could look into being able to control other Android devices. 

As an MSP I could really benefit from being able to remote control all andriod & iOS devices.

I would appreciate being part of a beta testing of this new product

I would like this feature also.

We have customers with Honeywell PDT Devices for stocktake and require the ability to for unattended access and control the device to complete work/resolve issues for customers.


Thank you for making a feature request with us. Currently, we are still investigating this and would help if you tell us what types (Manufacturers) you connect to more often.

Android devices are prevalent in warehousing scanners.  Need full control to support these devices.  There are other applications that have this capability why not ConnectWise?  This conversation is over 3 years old.

We have Connectwise Control and had it for many years, but now considering to switch to something else due to this..
Unattended Access is totally broken for mobile devices, and seems like they are not even working on it since it has been like this for years..

Hi Robin,

You can still have full control of all Samsung devices. May I know the manufacturer's name please?

For a list of phones which need control support, why not take any manufacturer with more then 5% market share, plus all rooted devices? 

This is really a very old but still an important feature to have. 

it's Samsung.

If the device reboots, the control wont work until someone open the app, and you click join they have to click "start now". Thats not unattended access.

So you need to fix so that the control-app runs a service which start automatically on boot.

This works with teamviewer however.

Is there any update on this?