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Embedded Theme Additional Colors

Max Shipek 5 months ago updated by asher 4 weeks ago 1


This has been proposed before, considered and implemented about 2 years ago.  However, for some reason, it's been removed.  I don't understand why an improvement feature would be added and then over a 2 year period be silently removed.  Here are the two feature requests I'm referring to:



Currently, the only embedded theme is red.  According to the above feature request links, it states this is implemented and closed or completed.

Can we get this functionality back in some way shape or form?  I'd be happy with just adding the blue back to the embedded theme options.  Currently every other theme option has all 3 color options.  The embedded theme is the only one that the color options were left out and I don't understand why.

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Exactly, the embedded theme has the most reason to be customizable or have multiple color schemes since it's expected to be integrated into websites, the custom theme manager has been stripped of all it's original features and is now useless, please give us some sort of way to have different colors on the embedded theme.