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Only need DUO for authenication when not on network.

edward.ciessau 8 months ago updated by Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) 2 months ago 2

Would like to have DUO authenticate only when not on company network.  We have this in place for 4 other applications.

Available in Version:

In the Duo setup, we have the ability to establish polices, one of which is we can tell it to bypass the Duo prompt if the traffic is coming from a specific IP / Subnet. With this policy in place, nobody should ever have to Duo when connected to the internal network. There is another policy where I can specify whether or not it should prompt for Duo every time or every X days. I have that disabled which means it should prompt every time but it appears to be trusting the device for 30 days anyway.

So it's not respecting Duo policy.