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Generate list of all devices with ConnectWise Clients installed

dward 2 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 2 years ago 4

We are looking to be able to export a list of all devices currently associated with our ConnectWise Control environment into a CSV file to make it easier to audit and ensure all machines have the client installed.

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Hi dward, 

We can easily find machines that aren't connected to your instance, but we have no knowledge of whether these machines are offline because the agent was uninstalled or for some other reason. To find machines that don't have a guest connected, the easiest way is to create a session group using the filter GuestConnectedCount = 0. This will pull all machines without a guest connected into one group. 

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Good afternoon, we are looking for a way to export a list of all devices from ConnectWise.  We have a few other systems, such as antivirus, and we can export reports from those solutions to list all devices that have the client.  We want to have something similar for ConnectWise to be able to compare that against the other products.  While we don't expect that report to be able to tell us what machines are missing the client, but we just want a list of computers that currently have it, and we can manually compare that to other machines.

No problem. In that case, suggest downloading the Report Manager extension and creating a grouped Session report that can include guest operating system name and version, client version, machine name, etc. There are numerous fields you can add to this report that will provide machine information. 

Hope this helps!