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ScreenConnector One Time Password

Josh T 8 months ago updated by Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) 1 day ago 5


Is there a way to add a "remember this computer" box to the One-Time Password within ScreenConnector?  We are using version 6.9.21691.6956.

Available in Version:

Agreed.  I'm using the Cloud Version and ScreenConnector is great but TFA kinda killed it.  It would be nice to have a "Trust This Device" instead of "One Time Password".  Just a matter of adding it to the user.config file.  Look forward to seeing this implemented.


Caitlin,  any updates on the Review process for this request?  I'm not a super heavy user, but due to session time-out settings we have implemented and the TFA process I'm currently generating about 20+ of these one-time password emails a day just accessing the same 5 or 6 servers.

This feature request is currently under review with Dev. I'll update here when I have more information. Thanks for your continued interest!

I just enabled TFA on our systems and I agree with Louis...having the "remember" feature would make a ton of sense...especially since it is a "one time password".   :)

Thanks for bringing this up Louis and appreciate you reviewing (and hopefully implementing) this feature Caitlin.