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Ability to export list of internal users, with company name

David Geddes 1 year ago updated by Caitlin Barnes (Product Manager) 1 year ago 6

We use "Access" licenses to give our clients remote access to their own machines.  It'd be helpful if:

(1) user accounts had a field for "Company" so that we could track which account was linked to which client

(2) the ability to export a list of users, including that company name, in some form (XML, JSON, CSV, XLSX, whatever)

Available in Version:

THis isn't related to your request, but I'm curious as to how you're using access licenses in this way. Does this allow you to "resell" remote access to customers? Any security concerns there? For tracking/transparency, what are you able to see already?

Hi David, 

When building a new access installer, the option to include "organization" or company is a pre-configured field. This is CustomProperty1. If you'd like to add additional fields, they can be configured on the Appearance page: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Get_started/Administration_page/Appearance_page/Add_custom_fields_to_sessions.

I'll register your request to export a list of users, including company name. 

Hope this helps!

Hi Caitlin.  That method only allows you to associate a device with an organization, but I was requesting the ability to associate an "internal user" with an organization.

Thanks David, that clarification is helpful! I'll register this as a feature request. 

Considering for Future Release