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Ability to unlock user accounts

terryb8s 5 years ago updated by jhardwick 4 months ago 6

Currently there is no way to unlock a user account other than changing their password or deleting and recreating their account.

This is a known defect with a workaround, yet I have been told by support to log a feature request.


To me this seems like a basic feature that is clearly missing.

Available in Version:
Considering for Future Release

How is this a 3 year old feature request?  With the increase in bots attempting to auto-login and logging people out... in 2021 we still need to delete the user account and recreate it?  --  Joke kind of writes itself here.

I normally edit the user.xml file and modify the keys to unlock the user, restart screenconnect and it works.

It's a joke that the app can lock a user (nice) but you can't unlock it (unbelievable).

Should I even ask if there is any update?