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Modify Give Feedback on the webpage

Avinash 6 years ago updated by CompuIntegration 2 years ago 5

On the ScreenConnect Webpage, when you click on the user name, there is an option to Give Feedback. There is an option to modify the context but this feedback gets sent to ScreenConnect. There isn't a way to disable or change the destination.

We have users outside of our organization that access the webpage for remote access. With adventurous users someone will write a comment but it would go to SC, not us. I would like to be able to disable or change.

Available in Version:

The feedback survey presented in the application can be turned off by setting ShowFeedbackSurveyForm in the app.config extension to false. Steps on how to do this are in the below link.


I will keep this request open on the idea of implementing a way for partners to collect feedback from their hosts/vendors through the web application. 

Hey Kirsten,

I spoke to support and they taught it was that but it's on the web site itself, see the image below. I was told that option from the ScreenConnect portal goes to the dev team. The Support tab on the portal can be changed to go any website, which is great. If the Give Feedback tab could be the same, that would be awesome.

Thank you for further clarifying your request. We've recently released an in-app help extension to replace those options and it will soon be installed by default across all instances. We plan on removing the help options under the user icon so they aren't redundant, but you will be able to still configure them via the new strings under the appearance tab, for example, EnhancedHelp.GiveFeedback.Text and EnhancedHelp.GiveFeedback.Url. The Give Feedback option will change in the next iteration to show the latest feedback survey (the one I initially linked) but we can possibly add in a way for you to change the return to address. It may help in the meantime if you edit the string to add 'mailto:email'.

Yes, this really needs to be disabled (the GIVE FEEDBACK shown in the picture when logged into the web host).  Especially if we have instances that are for our customers, since we don't even get this feedback ourselves, it should be able to be disabled.  Pls provide a variable to disable it.

BTW, the IN-APP HELP extension does not affect this shown-in-pic GIVE FEEDBACK as that still persists with or without the extension even today in checking.


I still see the Give Feedback present.  Is there still not a method to disable it, especially for private our-customer portals/instances we have?  It is not appropriate for our end users to see this and we don't get the feedback anyway.  Maybe there is a plugin or update to hide/remove/or at least get the feedback at this time?