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Improve bars behaviour

Rigakis Antony 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 0


When you are working on a two monitor pc screen-connecting to another two monitor pc and you maximize both client windows, each on every monitor, it's like working sitting write in front of the other pc's two monitors which is very cool!!! The misbehavior of the bars in this mode ruins this functionality.

The problem is intense when you are working with multiple applications (don’t we all) in maximized view.

When you maximize your application in a maximized screenconnect client and you try to close this application you must be extremely careful about how you approaching with your mouse the close “X” button at the top right.

If you work fast, the chances are by 90% that the screenconnect client bar will pop up and you will hit the close button on this bar, thus you are closing the client.

This is extremely annoying… Especially when you are in a harry and you must reconnect, only to repeat the same mistake soon after.

Also passing the mouse from one monitor to another often causes the side bar to expand too.


I have to propose this solution :


Add  a time delay (you can set  it to be adjustable from the administrator)  of how match milliseconds will take for both bars to pop up.  This alone would do the …trick.

It would be nice also, the horizontal bar not to expand to the whole width of the screen, so the min/max/close buttons of the client will not be over the applications corresponding buttons and the bar will not pop up when hovering at the top right of the screen where usually the application close button is..


Another thing is not working is drug and drop between two …remote monitors.

It's a GREAT product, plese make it ...perfect!!!

Thanx in advance

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