Considering for Future Release

Bluetooth / Hardware keyboard support for iOS devices (iPad/iPhones)

Steven 4 years ago updated by Matthew Pendleton 10 hours ago 5

From CW-7620136:

Would like to be able to use a hardware keyboard, such as a Bluetooth keyboard, on iPad or iPhone devices without having to tap the keyboard icon in the app first, and seeing the on-screen keyboard.

Available in Version:
Considering for Future Release

What is the status of this?  Just tried it on iOS 13.3 and Bluetooth keyboard wouldn't send any keystrokes to remote computer at all.  Please advise.

I agree this is a necessity for IPAD Usage!  Also we need full supported trackpad abilities as well. This is not that hard for a true mobile app.  I know it is sort of new technology, but this should be able to be rolled out within a couple of months at least. The fact that this has been considered for Future Release for 2 years shows how much this company values its Mobile Platform.