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View only guests

Vex 6 years ago updated by Sean White 4 years ago 3

The ability for the guest PC (PC which we connect to) to be in a view only mod.

Host would connect to this guest PC without having any rights on controling the PC, it would be a setting on the guest side and not host side or server side.

Available in Version:

It would allow people to only monitor the screen, but not control the PC.

I need Mister A to monitor the computer of Mister B, but A doesn't need to interact with B's computer, so I setup that B's computer is a "View only" guest, by default.

It would be a feature such as "Suspend Guest Input" that Hosts have, but reversed, and by default.

It would not work, I guess. It is not the user who's connecting that has to choose between "with" or "without" control on the computer. It should depends on the PC he's connecting to.

PC01: View-Only, no one have the control over this PC on connection, except an Admin, for example. You can only (over)watch the screen of that PC.

PC02: Normal mod, you can control and view the screen.

It would be a feature such as a "screen-sharing only connection". That can be tweaked on each PC / group of PC, through the installer.. Like an "overwatch" connection..

Role based permission isn't allowing this, and SuspendControlAtStartup is an option for those who connects, so it's on "the wrong side" of the connection.

Hope I am clear enough, let me know if it's not.

PS: I am talking about these permanent connections with the agent, not the temporary ones.

Considering for Future Release