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make the commands tab a full-interactive PowerShell

Ryan 3 years ago • updated by Jeffrey Klassen 3 months ago 42

make the commands tab a full-interactive PowerShell

would like to send multi-line commands


remote file transfer outside of session

mhighsmith 3 years ago • updated by Dominic 2 weeks ago 55

this might already be in the works but did not see it. It would be nice to be able to open up the devices C drive without connecting to the device. to copy and paste files in the back ground.

Considering for Future Release

Add field on General tab for local IP address

Michael Legato (Support) 3 years ago • updated by Brandon Alexander 2 months ago 27

Partner would like an additional field added to the General tab of the guest machine on the Host page that displays the local IP address of the machine (in addition to the current Network IP address that pulls from the inbound traffic).


Under Review

Virtual Screen driver similar to that used by MSTSC to eliminate screen resolution limits

Paul 3 years ago • updated by Tom Bolick 3 weeks ago 17

Older graphics cards restrict screen resolution. This is not a problem with the Microsoft Terminal Services client which uses a virtual driver and can display much higher resolutions.

Under Review

Be able to apply app.config settings per session group

Steven 3 years ago • updated by Craig Silver 4 months ago 28

Be able to apply App.Config files or settings based on the Session Group(s) a computer is in.


Pending Review

Add Let's Encrypt support to base screenconnect functonality

Thomas-Louis 3 years ago • updated by Fady Elias 5 days ago 16

With LetEncrypt now in production It will be an ansome feature if ScreenConnect woukd support it strait at install.

you could offert ssl support out of the box for all client raising the security of your application and reducing the effort for end user to set it up.


The Ability to set the screen resolution when connecting to a device

Colin Aggett 3 years ago • updated by Richard Chase 3 months ago 36

When you connect to a server the screen resolution can be quite small and there is no way to change the default window size, having the ability to change or set a default connection resolution size or control it in the session would be very helpful, it is very frustrating when you are viewing a sever at 800x600 when you have 1920 x 1080 monitor.


Change the name back to ScreenConnect!!!

MrEastwood 2 years ago • updated by shawnkhall 6 months ago 25

Look at this thread on the forums, no one likes the new name "Control". The only way to get it changed away from this horrible name is to upvote this feature request. Either change it back to ScreenConnect, or call it something else like Connect, just not a name that implies a negative connotation. Please. This was really a bad idea to change the name.

Under Review

Disable/prevent chat when session unconnected

Chris Cummings 3 years ago • updated by Brandon Alexander 1 month ago 28

Currently there is a trigger that sends an email when guest sends message to unconnected session. This annoys our customers that there is even a chat option that does not go anywhere when a session is not connected. They don't understand this. Even though we keep telling them we have a chat option under the LabTech agent icon they choose the first "chat" they find. PLEASE add a configuration flag/option to disable chat screen when session unconnected. I know we can hide the system tray icon--however that prevents other features we do use/need.

Considering for Future Release

uninstall password

Dustin Evans 3 years ago • updated by CFBDAVE 3 months ago 14

We would like to have the option to add a password to protect the screen connect client from being uninstalled by users with local admin privileges. I have found that when the client is installed from labtech, users don't recognize it and tend to remove it. This causes problems with the labtech SC plugin.